SacValley MedShare and KONZA National Network Launch New Analytic Dashboards in Support of Behavioral Health 

SacValley MedShare, in collaboration with KONZA National Network, is pleased to announce the launch of new behavioral health analytic dashboards to support California’s behavioral health providers. The dashboards were developed to meet the Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Program (BHQIP) requirements and are built from SacValley MedShare HIE data. They are designed to provide clinicians with critical clinical insights derived from the data across the many diverse care sites that participate in the HIE. This promotes improved health outcomes and health equity for patients through focused and informed care coordination based upon near real-time longitudinal clinical data. 

In pursuit of BHQIP’s goals and deliverables, SacValley MedShare was proactive in prioritizing the onboarding of behavioral health organizations to the Health Information Exchange (HIE). The two new analytic dashboards, Behavioral Health Measures and Behavioral Health Alerts, are available within HQ Insights, a KONZA National Network product offering.  HQ Insights is a robust analytic product, tailored to an organization’s specific healthcare needs, and includes dynamic dashboards to effectively view, analyze and enhance the management of patient populations.

John Helvey, Executive Director of SacValley Medshare, underscored the organization’s commitment to advancing healthcare solutions and technology: “SacValley prides itself on providing solutions and technology that improve health and ease the burden on the healthcare providers. The onboarding of behavioral health organizations and developing and implementing Behavioral Health Measures and Behavioral Health Alerts showcase the integral role HIEs play in expanding data exchange for all patients.”

With the launch of SacValley’s behavioral health analytic dashboards, behavioral health organizations gain access to a wealth of healthcare information from all health care facilities where a patient has received care. They are designed to provide important clinical insights not previously available without HIE data.   By implementing these innovative analytic tools, organizations can align their efforts with BHQIP program objectives, ultimately positioning themselves for financial reimbursement linked to grant program-defined deliverables.

This collaboration between SacValley MedShare and KONZA National Network marks a significant stride toward transforming the healthcare landscape in California, promoting better care coordination, and fostering improved health outcomes for all.

SacValley MedShare is a Northern California Health Information Organization that serves a 24+ county region of California, Sacramento and North, which includes the North Central Valley and the surrounding rural mountainous terrain. SacValley MedShare is a California not-for-profit corporation, operating under I.R.S. section 501(c)(3) and governed by a local community Board of Directors.  Its board members are drawn from senior leadership members of stakeholder participants within the HIE; they were deliberately chosen to provide both geographic and institutional diversity.

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