About Us

KONZA National Network advances health information sharing, enabling better care management, transformative value-based payment models and actionable data analytics that improve patient outcomes. KONZA’s suite of products and services integrate with clinical workflows to provide seamless sharing of health data across networks and systems. With a growing portfolio of connected sites from across the nation, KONZA provides centralized access to data, delivery of data and analytic tools for healthcare optimization. KONZA is transforming access to comprehensive patient data as one of the first Designated Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINTM) under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCASM).

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KONZA National Network is deeply committed to connecting healthcare providers, patients, health plans and technology partners to organize data into information that will drive healthcare transformation.

Expanding Health Information Exchange

KONZA partners with State Medical Societies and Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) to provide physician-led and governed health information exchanges in the following states: Carolina eHealth Network (South Carolina), CTHealthLink (Connecticut), HealtheParadigm (Georgia), HealthSync (Louisiana), GenesisLink (Texas), KHIN (Kansas), OneHealth New Jersey (New Jersey), SHINE (Missouri) and MHAX (Mississippi).

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Core Values

Dedication to every customer's/user's success

Data-driven innovation that matters to healthcare providers, patients and health plans

Trust, accountability and integrity in all aspects of our work